Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) Award is an annual award celebration held during National Engineers Week (E-week) and is the only national award program to pay tribute to Asian engineers, scientists and corporate leaders each year.  The next coming award marks its 16th anniversary and will be held in the beautiful city of Bellevue from February 24-25, 2017.  This award recognizes and celebrates outstanding Asian Americans who change the world through invention, innovation and outstanding contributions to their companies, communities and the nation.  Past honorees include Nobel Laureates and top industrial, academic and government leaders. To review 2016 and past awardees, please click the link, tab “Past Awardees”.

2017 AAEOY Executive Committee has set two goals for this year’s award.  One is strongly promoting diversity and inclusiveness throughout our award process and therefore, nomination from diverse ethnicities in the Asia region is strongly encouraged. As you may also aware, Seattle/Bellevue area is one of the top regions in the nation for its talent concentration.  As such, we have created a talent recruiting/job fair in the upcoming award program to benefit our sponsors and this is our second goal.

The 2017 AAEOY sponsorship and nomination program are ready for your review and consideration upon your request. Please contact the Committee at for the said program.

In the hope that you and your company can join us to celebrate the success stories from our new and past awardees.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know accordingly.

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